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Best Mexican Food – Let’s Taco ‘Bout It

Wait, is she writing another article about Mexican food? Why, yes. Yes, I am. Because I love it that much, here is a second article about Mexican food. But this time I’m showing you, Sonoma, where to get the best tacos and burritos in Sonoma County.

Los Gallos Taqueria in Rohnert Park

Los Gallos has been my personal favorite place to eat since I started attending Sonoma State. Located in the Seawolf Plaza, this taqueria has the authentic Mexican flavors I love. My go-to is the super shrimp burrito. Not lacking in size or flavor, you can customize the burrito down to type of beans and spiciness of salsa. The tacos are akin to street tacos – small and packed with flavor. Like the burrito, you can also pick the beans you want, and their selection of meats is extensive. Enjoy their fresh salsa bar – my favorite is green! – as you sit down with your complementary basket of chips and an ice-cold Mexican Coke (which is made with cane sugar and just plain better). Los Gallos is open every day of the week from 9am to 10pm, so you’ll never miss a chance to enjoy it.

El Molino Central in Sonoma

What do we want? Homemade tortillas! And El Molino Central has ‘em. The house-made corn tortillas do what store-bought tortillas can’t – taste good and elevate your meal. Good Mexican food in California is not hard to find, and El Molino does it right. Try the fish tacos with chips and guac. Open every day from 9am to 9pm.

Taqueria Santa Rosa

This one’s in, you guessed it, Santa Rosa. Taqueria Santa Rosa has all the classic dishes you could want, with a warm and inviting atmosphere. With generous portions and great flavor, you can’t go wrong at this taqueria. Try the chicken burrito, wet style – drenched in a rich, warm sauce that will envelop your taste buds. Open every day 10am to 10pm.

California has no shortage of Mexican food. The trick, then, is finding some that stand out from the crowd. These three pull it off. Stay tuned to see if I will, once again, write about Mexican food. (The answer is yes.)

A transplant from Southern California, she is a senior at Sonoma State University pursuing a Bachelor’s in English. She enjoys reading, British accents, and in another life she would be a Malacologist.

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