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Playful Parks for our Furry Friends

If your pup needs some exercise or social time, there are many dog parks around Sonoma County that accommodate doggos of all sizes. These off-the-leash dog parks will provide the perfect playtime to tire your furry friend out.

Rocky Memorial Dog Park in Petaluma

This fenced in Petaluma dog park has 9 full acres for your pup to run free in. This is the perfect spot for a large and high-energy dog. This dog park is usually pretty busy, so if you have a social pup this is the perfect spot.

Dogbone Meadow in Novato

This smaller 2-acre dog park has its own doggie swimming pool and running water, perfect for those hot summer days. It also features a puppy playground and plenty of grass space.

Rincon Valley Community Dog Park in Santa Rosa

If your small dog doesn’t get along well with the big guys, Rincon Valley has a separate little pup play area. If Fido is brave enough to play with the big guys, the bigger dog section welcomes pups of all sizes.

Alston Park in Napa

If you’ve trained an athletic doggo, Alston Park has an agility equipment and plenty of balls to for great exercise. There’s a great amount of grass space perfect for throwing the tennis ball back and forth.

Villa Chanticleer Dog Park in Healdsburg

Villa Chanticleer features a 1.5 acre enclosed dog park with plenty of water, shade and parking. There is a seating area with protection from sun and rain, an a fresh water source that keep doggies cool. 

Ragle Ranch Dog Park in Sebastopol

This off-the-leash dog park features a brand new agility course and a daily “small dog” hour (11am to noon & 3-4pm). There is plenty of parking, trails and group picnic tables nearby – so make it a day of fun for your little fur friend and yourself!


Laurie received her English degree from Sonoma State University with a concentration in creative writing. Her hobbies include writing, running, petting dogs and online shopping!

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