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Reconnect with Nature’s Awesome Majesty: Whale Watching in Sonoma County (Now thru March)

One of the many wonders of our world is in the ocean: whales. They are amazing, beautiful, important, but most of all just plain interesting. If you have never done so, try whale watching. Not every trip is guaranteed to see a whale, but we promise you won’t be disappointed. Your love of the ocean can always use a renewhale.

The best time to spot whales is from January through March. The whales are making their way back to Alaska’s Bering Sea after birthing. Mothers and calves travel together, close to the shore, giving you a perfect view.

Bodega Head

A great spot to whale watch is at Bodega Head, a stretch of the Sonoma Coast that has beautiful views. On weekends during those months, volunteers are around to answer questions and share information about the whales and their migration.


For a more up close and personal whale watching day, try a charter. Miss Anita Fishing Charters lets you book for you and a friend, or just take the whole boat out for yourselves – starting at $100. You’ll be guided to the best area for sightseeing. Or, enjoy a guided tour around the sea with Bodega Charters. They offer a three-hour whale watching tour, for just $50, from mid-December through March. All ages welcome, of course.

Take the family out for something unique and fun, Sonoma, by watching some of the world’s most spectacular animals. Let us help you orca-strate the best family outing of the year.

A transplant from Southern California, she is a senior at Sonoma State University pursuing a Bachelor’s in English. She enjoys reading, British accents, and in another life she would be a Malacologist.

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