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Trails to Excite Every Mountain Biking Junkie

Who knew our beautiful wine country has another hidden gem? Sonoma County is the perfect destination to grab your bike and some friends and ride out into the hills. Spring and Fall are the perfect times for mountain biking up in the Santa Rosa hills or by the coast. Trails around the area range in difficulty, so there are plenty of different adventures for beginners and for experts. Here are some stand out spots.

Annadel State Park

Nestled in the Santa Rosa hills lies Annadel State Park, a great destination for bikers. Just a quick drive from the downtown area, the park has 40+ miles of great terrain ranging from brushy meadows to a shallow marsh. If you’re willing to take on a more difficult single track, start off with the rocky Cobblestone trail that will lead you into a loop you around the park. The trails at Annadel are definitely more technical, so this spot is perfect for more advanced riders.

Helen Putnam Regional Park

If you’re a mountain biking newbie or just looking for a more relaxing ride, Helen Putnam Regional Park is the spot for you. The park offers about 5 miles of up down single-track trails with excellent views of the Petaluma hills. This is a great trail to teach your kids how to ride.

Taylor Mountain Regional Park

If you’re looking for a little more incline, Taylor Mountain is the spot. The mountain features six miles of winding trails that are mostly shaded. At the peak you can see an extensive view of Santa Rosa and the even surrounding towns. These trails are geared towards advanced riders.

Laurie received her English degree from Sonoma State University with a concentration in creative writing. Her hobbies include writing, running, petting dogs and online shopping!

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