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The Trendiest Breakfast Food that Everyone will Love

If you’ve been on social media this year, you know millennials have been spreading the word about avocado toast. There’s something to be said about creamy mashed avocados on a crunchy sourdough base drizzled in truffle oil. Is your mouth watering yet? If you are in the Santa Rosa area, you need to stop by one of these cafes that surely know how to SMASH this delicious breakfast item.

The Pharmacy

The Pharmacy boasts that food is their “medicine” and we would choose to be cured by their avocado toast on the daily. Their thick slice of bread with mashed avocados is topped with olive oil, chili flakes, and sunflower sprouts. Simple yet delicious.


Brew is known for their espresso flights, but their avocado toast does not disappoint. Their local and organic stone milled ancient grain slice is topped with avocados, ricotta cheese, a hard-boiled egg, lemon juice, and olive oil. Drool.

Trail House

Trail House is a cute beer garden that also specializes in breakfast. Best of all, they have a build-your-own avocado toast bar. The choices include goat cheese, manchego cheese, chopped almonds, sundried tomatoes, and best of all, bacon bits. Beer and avocado toast just became the best of friends.

Laurie received her English degree from Sonoma State University with a concentration in creative writing. Her hobbies include writing, running, petting dogs and online shopping!

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