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The Best Way to Soar Over Sonoma

Soaring through Sonoma in the air can show you the beauty of the redwood trees from a whole new angle. If you aren’t a hiker then be a flyer – flashing through the forest with Sonoma Canopy Tours. Sonoma Canopy has the best views from the ground and from up above.

Sonoma Canopy Tours is a thrilling journey that provides different tour options for day or night:

  • The Tree Top Tour consists of the fastest pace and the highest zip lines
  • Forest Flight Tour guides you through the Redwood trees and climbing up a rappel to see the stunning views at a steadier rate.
  • The Night Tour takes you through the redwood trees at night, so you can zoom past the trees while looking up and admiring the stars in the night sky.

At roughly $120 per person for a two and a half-hour experience, this isn’t the cheapest entertainment in Sonoma, but it’s SO worth it!

The tours consist of up to seven zip lines that can reach almost 1,500 feet in length. You’ll hit speeds of 30 to 40 miles an hour – which is faster than it sounds when you’re screaming through the trees. There are also sky bridges connecting tree to tree that are 200 feet above the ground. They are all hand built and you’ll be able to see all the way down between your feet as you walk across them.

The Sonoma Canopy Tour is a great family experience, but also a great way to be spiritual and take some time to be thankful to Mother Earth for giving us the beauty of the oldest redwood trees.

Hold on tight for the thrilling ride that is in store!

To book your tour online go to Sonoma Canopy Tours Online Booking

Katrina is a student at Sonoma State majoring in English with a concentration in Creative Writing. She was raised in Los Angeles but she is now living in Sonoma County to pursue writing!

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