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Spec-Taco-lar Mexican Food Isn’t Only For Tuesdays

If you go to Taco Bell on Cinco do Mayo you should feel bad (and not just for the usual reasons that people feel a little funny after they eat there). We’re blessed with wonderful, authentic Mexican food in Sonoma, and today is the perfect opportunity to lose yourself in a vat of Mole. I mean, not literally. That sounds like a horrible way to go. Look, you need to stop listening to me, and start deciding which of these incredible local Mexican gems you’re going to visit today.

Cocina Mexicana El Milagro – Cloverdale: With a growing following for traditional comfort food, the kitchen of the Abuelita, El Milagro, delivers a wonderful spread of options that you’ll devour in minutes. Don’t miss the Mole Pipián, pozole (and if you’re lucky enough, their Tlalpeño soup).

Tu Mole Madre – Windsor: Taking home cooking to the max, one of Tu Mole Madre’s mottos is “every day is a new day.” That means that Tu Mole Madre doesn’t offer a fixed menu. Whatever’s happening on the day that you visit, there will always be something delicious to wrap in a tortilla. 

Martha’s Old Mexico Restaurant – Sebastopol: Super colorful décor and an amazing patio/garden is just the tip of the iceberg at Martha’s Old Mexico Restaurant. Our favorite dishes are the chile rellenos and the fish tacos.

El Roy’s Mexican Grill / El Roy’s Express Mex – Petaluma: Between the restaurant and the multiple food trucks, there are many opportunities to get yourself some fantastic Mexican food. We’d recommend El Roy’s tacos dorados, gorditas and the shrimp tacos.

El Molino Central – Sonoma: With menus changing seasonally, there is always something exciting and fresh to experience. At El Molino Central, the beef tacos, chicken enchiladas with mole and the fish tacos are some of the staples that should not missed.

La Michoacana Natural Ice Cream – Sonoma: After filling yourself up, how about cooling off your palate with a refreshing and delicious icy treat? La Michoacana not only has a plethora of sorbets and ice creams but also some wonderful popsicles and juices.

The Battle of Puebla may or may not stir something deep in your soul, but on this we can all agree: Mexican food is delicious, and great Mexican food is amazing. No matter where your roots are from, you can take a moment to reflect on this uniquely American take on a Mexican holiday… between bites of something delicious.

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