Serving Sonoma: 3 Ways to Give Back this Holiday Season

Sonoma Giving Back Gift

The holidays keep us busy with planning parties, cooking elaborate meals, and exchanging gifts. With all the festivities, we sometimes forget that the most important part of the holidays is spreading love. What better way is there to show love than giving back to others? Here are some great community service opportunities around Sonoma County.

Sonoma County’s Secret Santa, Santa Rosa

Sometimes a new laptop or a bike can make all the difference for someone in need. Sonoma County’s Secret Santa program serves families in the community by answering their requests and letters. The program has grown over the years and was able to respond to 1394 letters last season. You can get involved by donating, adopting a letter, or even volunteering.

Sonoma Family Meal, Santa Rosa

Sonoma Family Meal started in the wake of the 2017 fires that devastated Sonoma County. They continue to give meals to those affected by the 2017 fires, as well as the recent Kincade fire. You can get involved by donating or volunteering.

Sonoma Valley Holiday Gifting Program, Sonoma

Sonoma Valley Gifting Program serves the community by giving gifts to those in need. Since 2013 they have been providing for low-income families, emancipated youth, and those experiencing homelessness, among others. You can help by adopting a family to give to, donating, or volunteering.

Sonoma County is a wonderful place to live – but the holidays can be tough for those who have a little less. You could make a real difference in somebody’s life.