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Say Cheese for the Holidays!

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After a long and tough 2020, you’re probably looking for easy ways to make your holidays a little more special and exciting. Why not pick up some really special cheese from one of our great Sonoma county cheesemakers? You may not fix the world, but at least you’ll have cheese (and support local businesses, too).

Bohemian Creamery, Sebastopol

Choose from Bohemian Creamery’s handmade goat, sheep, cow and water buffalo cheeses. Give the unique Agua Buffazola a try, gorgonzola style blue cheese made from milk from one of the few water buffalo herds in the United States.

Spring Hill Jersey Cheese, Petaluma

Located at the Petaluma Creamery, the Spring Hill’s long-standing cheese maker has many wonderful choices of natural and flavored cheeses made from the milk of the Jersey cows. One of our favorites is the garlic cheese curds.

Valley Ford Cheese and Creamery, Valley Ford

A family in their fifth generation of dairy work makes artisan cheeses with milk from their Jersey herd. Valley Ford’s Estero Gold reserve is aged at least 18 months and has delicious “crunchies” spotted throughout the cheese.

Vella Cheese Company, Sonoma

The hand made cheeses have been made in the same building, just a few blocks away from the historic plaza, since 1931. For a nice kick, try Vella’s Habañero Dry Jack or the Daisy Cheddar with Jalapeños.

There are two types of people in the world: people who love cheese, and people who pretend not to love cheese (in order to steal my cheese). No matter which category you fall into, you should get some awesome cheese and share it with your loved ones. Think globally but eat locally, Sonoma.

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