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Fly on By to Santa Rosa’s Bird & the Bottle

Winter is here… just in time to stop by one of Santa Rosa’s most popular restaurants to enjoy a cocktail and some delicious food. With an atmosphere that will warm the cockles of your heart, Bird & the Bottle (The Press Democrat’s Best Restaurant of 2019) will sate your hunger and have you coming back for more.

What’s in a Name?

Bird & the Bottle’s name is derived from 1910s slang. A “hot bird” meant a warm dish, and a “cold bottle” meant champagne. These phrases were used on a night out by men of the time.

Who Runs the Show

Bird & The Bottle is owned by the husband and wife team of Mark and Terri Stark (they also own several other restaurants in Sonoma). Mark is the executive chef and Terri handles business operations. Together, they’re bringing flavors from all over the globe together in a captivating menu.

The Food & The Drink

Enjoy brunch with lots of alcohol and egg or non-egg dishes; try the Summer of ’96 hangover cure with a Shakshouka Omelette. The main menu is divided by meat types: poultry, seafood, meat, and food without a face for the vegetarians. Some fan favorites are the fried chicken sliders, crispy skin salmon wings, grilled lamb meatballs, or kale and persimmon salad.

Craving a beer? They have a nice little beer list on tap, in a bottle, or in a can. Try some of their signature cocktails, either for you alone or to share with the table. Also, all the wine you could ever want: red, white, pink, sparkling. Or, Sangria on tap! And to finish off the visit, desserts! From cake to ice cream, you’ll definitely need to loosen the pants after this is all over.

You won’t want to miss the experience of this Santa Rosa spot, Sonoma. They’re open every day of the week, with brunch on Saturday and Sunday from 10:30am to 2:00pm. The atmosphere, the aesthetic, the food – you won’t regret it.

A transplant from Southern California, she is a senior at Sonoma State University pursuing a Bachelor’s in English. She enjoys reading, British accents, and in another life she would be a Malacologist.

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