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Relaxation is Nearby at West Sonoma Inn & Spa

Tense? Tired? Need a day to be stress-free? Unwind at West Sonoma Inn & Spa in Guerneville, where you can sit back and relax from that tiring week.

Book anything from a Swedish massage, aromatherapy, to a variety of facial treatments. The spa will customize your program to meet your needs. Prices range upwards from $125 for a sixty-minute session. If you need more time, the spa has 90-minute or two-hour sessions available. If you are an expectant mother, the spa has staff trained to administer massages that are safe for you and your baby.

If a massage is not what you are looking for, the West Sonoma Inn & Spa also offers detoxifying and age-defying facials for $120. These sessions will make your skin feel radiant.

Rooms are available that look over the vineyards and the Russian River. West Sonoma Inn even has whole cottages on the grounds that you can rent. In the summers there’s a heated pool, and on Friday nights you can sample some of Sonoma County’s local wines.

It really is a sublime place to let the day’s troubles melt away.

Katrina is a student at Sonoma State majoring in English with a concentration in Creative Writing. She was raised in Los Angeles but she is now living in Sonoma County to pursue writing!

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