Petaluma Bakes it Up

Petaluma Bakeries

We know by now that the town of Petaluma does food well. If you’re walking downtown and just the right moment, the delicious scent of freshly baked goods can be wafting through the air. This is due to Petaluma’s many amazing bakeries. Here are our favorite places to grab a sweet treat.

Bright Bear Bakery

We wish Bright Bear was open 24/7. They really hit baked goods out of the park with their cream filled cronut (a croissant/donut hybrid). From sticky buns to bear claws to chocolate croissants, this a sweet-lovers heaven. If you’re more of a savory breakfast kind of person, try their melt-in-your-mouth pesto flatbread or the bacon, ham, and cheddar quiche.

Della Fattoria

Della is a true favorite for Petaluma locals as well as visitors. Their breads are even sold in markets all around the area. Sit down in the eclectic restaurant and try their baked goods paired to perfection on their breakfast menu. They specialize in topping their seeded wheat toast with a number of amazing things like avocado, egg salad, or house-made jam.

Petaluma Pie Company

At the Petaluma Pie Company, they pride themselves in making their pies with organic and locally-sourced ingredients. From banana cream to cherry to chocolate to maple, their whipped cream topped pies do not disappoint.