5 Fun-filled Birthday Venues for Kids


As a child, you always wanted an amazing birthday party to remember. Now, you have to pick the parties for your kids. Sonoma County is home to many awesome venue options for you to choose from.

Each of these venues have different themes, but all of them will help you throw an amazing birthday party. Let your kids have a birthday to remember!

Source: Epicenter website

In Santa Rosa, Epicenter has different venues for any type of party your child wants. They have laser tag, bowling, a trampoline park, and arcade games. If your kid is into sports, there is an indoor soccer field that they can enjoy. Not only that, you can have a room reserved for you and your guests to sit and enjoy each other’s company privately. If you’re tired of eating pizza on birthdays, they also have hot dogs, fries, and fruit salads available for your party.

Source: Kids Party Center website

If your child wants to be treated like royalty, Kids Party Center will make it happen. They not only give the royal seat to the birthday star but also have an on-staff photographer to take photos throughout the day. They have rock climbing, a ball pit, slides, and arts and crafts for any theme you want. If you have a child who’s under two, there is a little kids’ section of the center where just about everything is covered in protective rubber, so your young unsteady toddlers can enjoy themselves until the end of the day.

Source: Scandia website

In Rohnert Park, Scandia has games indoors and outdoors. They have Go-Kart racing for kids as well as adults. One of the big draws at Scandia is mini golf. If you make a hole in one on the last round, you will receive a card that will get you a free round of golf on your next visit. The kids can also enjoy some head-to-head competition in the water bumper boats. After that, they can head inside and play in the arcade until it is time to eat in their party room.

Sonoma Train Town indulges a kid’s love of trains on a whole new level. Each ride they have (including a Carousel, Ferris Wheel, and Coaster) is train themed. Train Town also features four miles of train tracks – so hop aboard and ride over bridges and tunnels.

Source: Children Museum website

This two-story Museum in Santa Rosa provides a more educational theme for your child’s party. They have different rooms where your guests can become a doctor, a pilot in a helicopter, or a chef, bringing out their imaginative minds as they play. Learn more here >