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Get Your Kid Out of the House This Summer

All summer long the Charles M. Shulz museum is hosting fun classes and camps for your kiddos! Keep growing that little mind of theirs with one of the museum’s educational and amusing activities.

The Camps

The summer camps run from June 3rd to August 23rd and range in all different specialties and activities. From space camp, to art camp, to cooking camp, there’s a genre that every child will enjoy. Most are a week long or just Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

The Classes

If the little ones have just got a day or two of spare time, enroll them explorative science class, a hands-on cooking class, or LEGO animation class. Kids will love getting out of the house for a day of fun and learning.

The Admission

Most of the camps start around $100 and go up from there. Each class has its own individual price. Check out their website for more information on how to sign up. Make sure to snag your kid a spot ASAP, seats are filling up fast!

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