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Keep Kids Entertained During Social Distancing – 6 Free Resources

I’m bored. I want a snack! Can I go to the park? Or the simply the dreaded… WHY?? We’re sure over the past couple of weeks you have heard it all! Having the schools closed is taking a toll on all of us – our little ones can’t see their friends and their routines have been turned upside down and we suddenly must play teacher, entertainer, chef and much more.

Here is a list of FREE resources and activities online that are sure to not only entertain them but to teach them something new.

PBS Kids – they have an entire Games section on their website featuring popular characters like Dora, Dr. Seuss, Daniel the Tiger and more. Their games are organized into topics like adventure, nature, feelings, healthy habits, Spanish, etc. They also have a separate area for games according to difficulty. They have over 100 games, so you’re sure to find something of our liking. You can also sign up for their Newsletter and get daily activities and tips to learn and play at home, sign up here.

JumpStart.com – this website has a great selection of offline activities for preschoolers – ranging from science to arts and math. All the activities are free, easy to download and fun to do! The best part is that each activity can be completed offline by downloading the PDFs so you can minimize screen time. Over 40 different activities are available.

Storyline Online – their YouTube channel features an extensive library of free videos in which celebrities read popular kid’s stories and books. The videos are funny, entertaining and you could say a treat for the entire family. Maybe pick a video a day and make it a family activity – on average they are 10 minutes long.

Cosmic Kids Yoga – this YouTube channel features several yoga videos for kids, they are themed with popular characters and movies and they are so easy to follow. On average an episode is 15mins, so you are guaranteed to get them distracted and moving a bit.

Smithsonian Website – their Fun Stuff for Kids and Teens section is filled with unique and pretty awesome activities and games. They have topics ranging from history, to space and nature and the content includes games, videos and collections.

Lastly, if your kids are interested in the kitchen then check out America’s Test Kitchen. They are currently running a special program, Kitchen Classroom, completely free and aimed to teach kids cooking basics as well as full recipes. Every week they have a list of activities and recipes to complete from meatballs to DIY Pancake Mix.

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