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Experience Whale Migration Up Close

Sonoma County is a place of many wonders, and whale watching on the beautiful coastal bluff is one of the best of them. Late winter into early spring is when the whales make their trip up from the Baja Peninsula to Alaska. Sonoma County has a number of amazing hiking spots or drive-up bluffs to watch the mother whale and her calf make their journey up north.

It is said that some 20,000 whales pass along the coast each year, so there is a good chance to see at least a few during your trip. Head out to Bodega Head and hike along the half mile Pinnacle Gulch Coastal Access trail. Grab a blanket and a picnic basket full of food so you can sit and relax while looking out for the whales. Make sure to bundle up, these months are a lot colder and a lot windier than the summer.

If you prefer to be a little more up close and personal with the whales, head over to Spud Point Marina in Bodega and sign up for a whale watching boat tour. If you are feeling adventurous you can drive up the coast a couple hours north to the small town of Gualala for more sight-seeing adventures.

The infamous Whale Watch Point on Gualala’s bluff claims to be the best spot on the coast to see them pass by, and Gualala Point Regional Park features a beautiful beach perfect for relaxing while spotting the miraculous creatures. Stay in one of Gualala’s many campgrounds overnight for a fun filled weekend experience. Whale watching is a fun activity guaranteed to please people of all ages.

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