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Climb These Coastal Cliffs – If You Dare

This one is for all our adventure junkies out there. Are stuffy rock-climbing gyms starting to bore you and you want the real deal? The best bouldering and climbing spots are located right by the shore around the Sonoma Coast State Park. Make sure to always keep safety in mind and bring a buddy. Please note: These climbing spots are for intermediate to advanced climbers.

The Sunset Boulders
Located just 1/4th of a mile from Goat Rock State Park are the Sunset Boulders. These rocks are great to climb on a sunny day. The elevation stands at 135ft at the top and is meant for “top-roping” although many choose to boulder along the side of it.

Twin Cloves Climbing
If you especially love to boulder climb, this beautiful beachside spot is for you. There are about 15 rocks to be climbed and bouldered, mostly made up of hardened sandstone. Twin Cloves Climbing is located just North of the town of Jenner.

Sea Crag Rock Climbing
The Dry Creek Sea Crag climbing spot near Jenner is known for its riveting crack climbs. There is even a spectacular ocean view. You’ll need to park at the Vista Trail Parking lot and hike into some of the best private climbing around.

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