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The Perfect Day in Bodega Bay

Unarguably, Bodega Bay is one of Sonoma County’s most scenic and charming destinations. With beautiful views of the rugged coast, small town charm, and...

See Sonoma’s Marine Life Up Close: Your Guide to Our Tidepools

A tide pool can be said to be a miniature ecosystem—where colorful marine life lives among the rock basins filled with seawater. It’s a...

Surf’s Up! Five Cool Surf Shops in Sonoma County:

Taking up a significant stretch of the California coastline, Sonoma County locals fully embrace the beach bum lifestyle, and our surf shops reflect that....

Come Sea why we’re Hooked on the Bodega Bay Fisherman’s Festival

Since 1973, Bodega Bay has celebrated its unique history with the Bodega Bay Fisherman’s Festival. This exciting event of food, art, games, and more...

3 Hot Spots to Visit This Spring

Here is our Spring Break list of really great attractions to stop and check out at least once while you’re touring around Sonoma County.

What to do on the Longest Day of the Year

Ah, midsummer. It’s a magical time of long days, balmy nights, and relaxation. As we reach the middle of the season, you might be...




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