Best Coffee Shops for Studying or Working


It’s the middle of the week, you’re swamped with homework and you’ve been staring at your bedroom wall for the past three hours. It’s time for a change of location and a pick-me-up. Where can you find a good cup of coffee and a table with an outlet that isn’t your typical Starbucks? Luckily, Sonoma County has many independent and small chain coffee shops and with a large student community, there are definitely some sweet spots for getting your head in those books while also getting your caffeine fix. Here are some of our favorites!

4Retrograde Coffee Roasters in Sebastopol

This local coffee shop is a hit with students, and there’s good reason! Retrograde’s cozy little space is crowded with tables and lots of people come with their laptops and books so you’ll feel a sense of solidarity and accountability to stay on task. And with locally roasted coffee, house-made syrups, and lots of vegan and gluten free options, you’re sure to find something you like to keep you full and focused.

Source: Taylor-Lane-Organic Coffee’s website.

3Taylor Lane Organic Coffee in Sebastopol

With tables along every wall and a huge loft, you’re bound to find a cozy study space with a nice view. When the weather is nice, Taylor Lane even has an open wall so you can get a breath of fresh air and see the sunlight while still being inside with your laptop. You can also check out their smaller Petaluma location.

Source: The Flying Goat’s website.

2The Flying Goat in Santa Rosa and Healdsburg

With black and white tiled floors, clean white walls and stools, and pops of yellow, the Flying Goat’s classy and minimalist interior will invite you to relax and clear your mind. And with ample seating, lots of outlets, and good coffee, you’re well on your way to a productive study session.

Source: Acre Coffee’s website.

1Acre Coffee

What started out as an independent coffee shop in downtown Petaluma has grown into a small chain in Sonoma County. With excellent locally roasted coffee, plenty of table space, and five locations around the area, you’re sure to find the perfect space to write that essay.