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Bagel, Bagel, Bagel. Got bagels on the mind?

Bagels are one of Those Foods. You know, like pizza or tacos. Everyone has a favorite style, and a favorite place, and friendships get broken over the disagreements. You’ll meet some guy who believes that you can’t get a good bagel outside of New York City, and some other guy will roll his eyes and go off on the Montreal variety (and then some hipster will mention Japanese bagels and your whole breakfast is ruined). Well, not all of us can jet off to sunny Canada every time we want a nosh, so we’ve rounded up your best Sonoma County bagels. They may not be on the hipsters’ lists – yet – but they’re pretty damn good.

Grateful Bagel, Sebastopol – Always fresh with many options to fulfil any of your bagel cravings. Give their always popular, the Grateful Eggel, a try.

Sonoma Valley Bagel, Rohnert Park – Don’t miss their many breakfast bagels, aka the eggel. Check out their menu here.

Homegrown Bagels, Sonoma – So many choices including a pizza bagels and their bungles (no hole bagel perfect for sandwiches). You can order online!

Healdsburg Bagel Company, Healdsburg – You won’t have a problem choosing from their many flavors of bagels. Check out our favorites, the spicy bagel dog with some bagel chips.

A good bagel is one of life’s great simple pleasures. Maybe bagels aren’t worth the airfare to Kyoto or the hassle of wading through midtown Manhattan, but they’re definitely worth driving a few minutes out of your way. Don’t be one of those people who subsists on grocery store bagels their whole life. I mean, life’s about more than just making it through the day, right?

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