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Asia Too Far For Tonight’s Dinner? No Problem, We Got You Covered.

Sonoma is blessed with a surprisingly solid group of Asian restaurants, especially given our relatively small size. Asian food can be anything from dumplings to sushi to curries crammed with aromatics. Some people may say that we can’t possibly capture it all in one article. Nevertheless, we have opinions, and we’re going to share them!

Amy’s Chinese Kitchen, Cotati – This low-key local mainstay offers fried rice and a seafood clay pot that shouldn’t be missed.

Dynasty Restaurant, Rohnert Park – An institution in the community for over 20 years, this restaurant is home to some of our favorite dishes such as the walnut prawns and Mongolian beef fried noodles.

Gohan, Petaluma – You can’t really go wrong with any selection from the menu from this local favorite. The sushi, rolls and cooked dishes are all fantastic. It’s vague advice, but only because everything is good.

Hang Ah Dim Sum, Santa Rosa – The place to get dim sum in the county. Staples are the Har Gow steamed BBQ pork buns, and the salted fish & chicken fried rice.

Himalayan Restaurant, Windsor – So much deliciousness to choose from, from pakoras to curries to momos and Himalayan fried noodles.

Ramen Gaijin, Sebastopol – It says ramen on the sign but they go well beyond that, with some delightful appetizers and rice bowls.

SEA Thai Bistro, Santa Rosa – Some really superb Thai fusion food with our favorites being the green curry and the Pad Thai. Fusion may be out of fashion, but when it’s done right it can be great.

UME Japanese Bistro, Windsor – Wonderful fresh sushi and rolls with a great selection of cooked dishes. We can vouch for the Nabeyaki Udon and the Steak Teriyaki.

Asian food is a big category. I can’t think of a bigger one, in food terms. It’s like saying Best American Food and including everything from Canadian Poutine to Vegan places to arepa trucks to Argentinian… food (I just looked it up, and it’s mostly barbecue, so that’s okay I guess.) Asian restaurants are struggling just like any others right now. Get out and broaden your horizons a bit.

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